Welcome to the dj MEGAWATT Garage

This is where we showcase our hottest new dj gear, We have largest dj system is the region and we keep getting bigger !

Introducing our New Video Monitors ! We have a 42" LED Monitor on our Main Truss & 24" LED Monitors on Our Two Totem Trusses that can be Customized with Your Special Wedding Day Message, School Logo for Proms or Happy Birthday Messages. This Service is Included at No Extra Cost when You Book An Event With dj Megawatt.


Hey Guys, Its Noah, we are showcasing the EKX-Series Speakers from EV.

These are our brand new Electro Voice EKX-Series Powered Loud Speakers, We are using (4) EKX-18SP Powered Subwoofers w/ Smart DSP Technology. These Powerful Speakers are pumping out 134 dB with 1300 Watts of Power each from their internal Class-D Digital Amplifiers. We are using (2) Subs on each Stack Array with EKX-15P as the tops. The EKX-15P is a High Efficiency Powered Loud Speaker with the same Smart DSP Technology as the Subs however these impressive speakers are pumping out 1500 Watts from its Class-D Amplifier and creating powerful rich Mids and crisp Highs.These New EKX-Series Speakers Feature Intelligent Thermal Management w/ a Variable Speed Fan Controlled by Multiple On-board Sensors and Back-lit LCD Navigation Menus for easy setup and control.

Give us a Call for your Next Event and Feel the Power of Sound for Yourself !



 Hey Guys, This is a feature on our Chauvet DJ GEYSER RGB Fog Machines.

dj MEGAWATT uses (2) of these Powerful Professional Foggers, These add a great effect to any event, we use these at wedding receptions and school dances, every body loves Fog, I think?. Anyway, These are way cool because they feature DMX controlled LED Lighting that illuminates the Fog Jets. They use pharmaceutical grade water-based fluid to create harmless water vapor based haze. With Millions of programmable color combinations that are DMX controlled by our TRANSCENSION Show Controller (Well Cover That in the future) Allows us to create a very magical atmosphere at any event. The fog allows the LED light beams and the lasers to be seen tracking through the air. Very Cool. Be sure to book us for your next event !

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